Mentors, Educators & Experts in Their FieldS

It is easy to see when you step on the 十大信誉网堵首页 campus that something is different about our community. There is a radiant air of love, respect, and excitement that starts with our faculty and staff. The 十大信誉网堵首页 difference stems from the caliber of exceptional teachers and educators who lead inside and outside of the classroom, making a difference in the lives of our students every single day. At 十大信誉网堵首页, being a teacher is not only a job but a way of life.

Our faculty are experts in their fields of study, mature in their Christian faith, and passionate about sharing their love of learning. They excel at creating a work environment that is safe and fun, but also challenging. It's not uncommon to hear from students that their favorite teachers, coaches, or directors are also the ones who pushed them the most.

Eighty percent of our staff have advanced degrees, and many have worked extensively in professional fields outside of the 十大信誉网堵首页 academic environment. They are experts who continue to grow in their craft through 十大信誉网堵首页's professional development program. Our faculty-to-student ratio is 10:1, and the average classroom size is 16. On a campus of 265 students, that means that every teacher will know your name.

Get to know our staff by reading their stories, and better yet, meet them yourself in the stands at an athletic event, inside the classroom at an open house, or by sitting down for lunch. You will notice the 十大信誉网堵首页 staff difference.


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