The 十大信誉网堵首页 STEM Scholar program offers students interested in these subjects and in pursuing STEM careers the opportunity to focus their studies and prioritize these courses. Students that successfully complete the program will graduate with STEM honors and receive a STEM endorsement on their official transcript. Scholars are required to take at least nine STEM courses and will also complete an internship at a university, business, or nonprofit. Finally, the students must successfully complete a final senior project, focusing their efforts on STEM issues. 

十大信誉网堵首页 students can apply and be accepted into the STEM Scholar program at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year following the completion of biology and one semester of honors chemistry, enrollment in geometry, and at least a 3.6 GPA in science and math at the time of application.

STEM Scholar Distinction

Once accepted there are three main objectives that students must meet in order to receive STEM distinction and endorsement:

  • Completion of at least nine STEM courses
  • Internship at a university, business, or nonprofit organization
  • Successful completion of a STEM-focused senior project


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